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This year’s COIL project was with a contact at the Fachhochschule in Vienna. They’ve been a contact of ours for several years now, and we’ve done this project together several times, though in previous years the students would meet in person. This year, we had to turn it into a COIL project, but we tried to keep the content of the programme the same and only change what needed to be adapted to COIL. Read more
Michel Hermans

Mario and I set off on a lovely Monday morning to travel from Schiphol to Tampere, passing through Helsinki on the way there, to visit the International Week at our strategic partner TAMK. The manager of TAMK Student Services, together with the head of International Services, gave the kick-off by presenting a brief history and future prospects and developments of the university. Read more

Juraj Trouw

I discovered COIL a few years ago, and since then I’ve tried to implement it in my courses as much as I can. It’s well-documented that soft skills are very important in the current job market, and soft skills such as intercultural competency are especially vital. The first thing that often comes to mind, to gain intercultural skills, is going on exchange – and of course that is a great experience, but a lot of students can’t or won’t do it. Read more

Dominique Darmon

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