The Hague Center for Teaching and Learning (HCTL) is part of THUAS and offers various courses for teachers and non-teaching staff throughout the school year. These courses are a direct elaboration of the ambitions in the THUAS Educational Framework, such as the WIN themes. Registration is done via iLearn (through “My Serviceplein”). Just click on the relevant course. In addition, Team Global Citizenship and Internationalisation (GCI) offers clinics. There are also other, external organizations like Nuffic or EAIE that organize professionalization activities you can take part in.

In-house options through HCTL

In iLearn on the THUAS employee page you will find options offered via HCTL, for example:

  • Internationalising the curriculum
  • Making your module internationalisation-ready
  • Internationalisation Learning Community
  • Assessement of Internationalised Learning Outcomes
  • Intercultural Communication Theory: an introduction
  • Training for International Learning and Teaching

You can contact HCTL via hctl@hhs.nl

In-house options through team GCI

Team Global Citizenship and Internationalisation (Team GCI) also offers clinics and support directly to programmes and faculties. These are created depending on the specific needs of programmes and mostly for (sections of) teams within the programmes or faculties. You might want to look at the GCI sharepoint site for more information.

Apart from information on the team, there is also a page with tools and resources.

You can contact team GC&I through international@hhs.nl

External options

Organizations like Nuffic, EAIE and Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange also offer high-quality learning modules. They might be interesting for lecturers or support staff interested in specific topics.

Staff Testimonial

“Mario and I set off on a lovely Monday morning to travel from Schiphol to Tampere, passing through Helsinki on the way there, to visit the International Week at our strategic partner TAMK…”

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