There might be costs associated with the courses, both for in-house trainings and for external modules. Whichever you choose, make sure you register your professionalisation activity within your own performance and appraisal (R&O) cycle and discuss it with your teamleader. You might also want to consider how to share the knowledge acquired after the professionalisation activity. It is wise to come up with an idea about that aspect before you apply.

In-house trainings

If a teacher or support staff member registers for a course at HCTL or team GCI, their teamleader must give permission via iLearn to finalize the registration. The teamleader will receive an automated e-mail for this.

External trainings

Costs for external trainings, conferences, symposia and the like must always be discussed with your teamleader before booking the professionalisation activity. They should be paid for by your own department or faculty from the professionalisation budget.

External training at partner university

In case your training activity takes part at a partner university you might be eligible for funding trough Erasmus+. See the Staff Mobility page at the GO website

Staff Testimonial

“Mario and I set off on a lovely Monday morning to travel from Schiphol to Tampere, passing through Helsinki on the way there, to visit the International Week at our strategic partner TAMK…”

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