Staff Mobility

The faculty of M&O stimulates and encourages staff exchanges and training between universities through the Erasmus+ mobility programme. Staff mobility is an opportunity to develop professional and personal skills to enhance the quality of teaching, learn more about curriculum development, share good practices, initiate applied research collaborations, develop COIL projects and to network with partner universities. One of the Key Actions of Erasmus+, the flagship programme of the European Commission, defines mobility as a main activity to improve skills and competences of both teaching and non-teaching staff for professional development between partner universities.

Types of staff exchange

There are many options for both teaching and non-teaching staff to go abroad. Here, we list some of the most common ones:

  • To teach at a partner university and gain new skills by experiencing a different type of international classroom
  • International staff weeks at foreign universities
  • On this website you can find an overview of Staff Weeks
  • Job shadowing at a partner university
  • To gain first-hand intercultural experience
  • To exchange ideas and best practices with colleagues abroad
  • To build, expand or maintain your and your programme’s professional network
  • To stay on top of developments in your professional field
  • To develop or improve professional & personal skills
  • To initiate various types of collaboration, such as joint research or COIL projects

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Staff Testimonial

“Mario and I set off on a lovely Monday morning to travel from Schiphol to Tampere, passing through Helsinki on the way there, to visit the International Week at our strategic partner TAMK…”

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