Going abroad for your placement will cost money. You will have to pay for travel expenses, for a place to live, for food and other things. As a rule of thumb, GO advises you to budget for an extra €300 per month above what it would cost you to live by yourself in the Netherlands. For many countries this may well be more than enough, for others you may need more. Your country tutor might advise you in more detail on this.

Some companies offer a salary for your placement. This is usually mentioned in the vacancy. Apart from this remuneration, there are several ways of funding your international placement.

Student grants & scholarships

Visit the DUO website for more information (Dutch only).

Visit the International Office or WilWeg (Dutch only) for more information. 

You can also apply for a grant yourself directly at the various foundations that offer grants and scholarships. One of the larger search engines for this, is called Beursopener (Dutch only). The biggest difference between this route and via our International Office, is that all communication is done directly with the issuing entity of the financial aid and you. Usually, the deadlines for applying are also more ahead of time, so start early! More often than not, there are some very specific requirements, so please read the small print before you apply.

Whether or not you are eligible for financial aid (grant, scholarship or subsidy) you should:

  • Always budget your stay abroad without a grant;
  • Realise that a grant will never cover the cost of going abroad: it is only a contribution to help you with your travel and living expenses;
  • Remember that refusal is possible: you do not have a right to a grant only the possibility of one.

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