Student Testimonials

When the first online lecture came around, I was feeling a little bit better, and kind of liked the fact that I did not have to commute longer than 10 seconds to get from my bed to my class.

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Marie Rang

Life in Vienna in general is great. It is a beautiful city, and has a lot of parks. The people here are very friendly and act responsibly and in accordance to the corona measures.

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Stan Meekel

In the beginning, when the lockdown in Barcelona began, it was a little scary because the city turned into a ghost town overnight. I am starting to get used to it more and more now, but the city is still mostly empty.

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Daniëlle van Adrichem

My parents and friends worried about me, of course, and some of my friends told me to return to the Netherlands, but thankfully my parents never pressured me.

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Merel van Dorp

In the beginning, everyone was focused on working together to find solutions to this pandemic, and ways to minimize infections. The impact of this crisis on mental health and psychosocial stability was not the focus of people’s thoughts.

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Lily Nguyen

The situation in the Netherlands changed before it did in Australia; there were already lockdowns in the Netherlands while people here were still going out. When they did implement measures, it was done very quickly; in one week everything changed. Initially I worried about whether I should go home or not, but in the end I decided to stay.

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Michel Koudijs

As social distancing has now been implemented, my main social activity at home is playing video games with friends. As far as going out, once every week or
two I try to stock up on groceries, but besides that, I have not left home for the last three weeks.

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Timas Ignatjevas

Messages about COVID-19, a lot of deaths, a fast spreading virus, strict measures, lockdowns; we heard about all of these things. This brought us to a difficult choice: shall we continue our internships or is it better to return to the Netherlands?

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Demi Ivangean and Denise van Dijk

We all have a lot to learn from each other and it is always good to feed our minds with multiple perspectives

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Ju Laclau Massaglia

Because I was born in the Netherlands, my parents tried to raise me to be as European as possible. Their roots were still very visible though. They didn’t live in the Netherlands long enough to adopt all the Dutch ways, and thankfully so. It’s a blessing to be raised multicultural.

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Shiva Jabandeh

Being away from my home country and the people I love has both challenged and encouraged me to feel the connection to my homeland, even from far away.

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Kristina Cakova

“One month was spread over 7 weeks and one year over 13 months. The seasons were divided in two parts: the rainy seasons and the dry seasons.”

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Aaron Bangundi

When people say “So, what can you tell me about Bulgaria?”, I ask them “Which Bulgaria? The historic state, the artistic dimension, the current affairs of importance?”

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Katerina Bozhilova

I learned a lot about Japanese culture when I lived there. I chose to go to Japan because it differs a lot from the Netherlands. I wanted to challenge myself on a personal and academic level by living on my own in a country with a different culture, a different language, and different customs. I would like to think that I achieved that goal.

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Nadine Doushy

We either love the water, or it is our greatest enemy, there was never really a middle ground in history.

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Fleur van den Berg

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