Where to start?

It might take some time to find a suitable company for your placement, so make sure you start your search on time (also check out the Preparation page if you’re unsure on where you want to go).

There are several ways to find a placement abroad. You can always visit the Global Office and/or the internship coordinator of your study programme, in order to see whether we have company contacts that might be interesting for you. Other options to look for an internship are as follows:

Via your study programme at THUAS

You can find placement vacancies for your study programme on OnStage. You can reach OnStage via the green tiles on your Student Portal.

You do not have to be registered to a coaching group to browse the vacancy database

  • Go to OnStage;
  • Change language settings to English (settings to be found in top right-hand corner);
  • Click on the Menu in the top left-hand corner; 
  • Click on Vacancy database;
  • Use keywords or refine search criteria (specific dates are not necessary);
  • Open vacancies are available throughout the year;
  • New vacancies are added almost every week.

Placement agencies & other options

Please visit WilWeg for more information. Always research the agency you’re interested in. Check for reviews from other students and ask relevant questions. 

Please check this link for more information (Dutch only) on other options to search online.


Contact us via email: mo-onstage@hhs.nl
You can also find us at the Global Office, see Contact at the bottom of this page

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